Service Growth Portfolio

A practical, straight-forward approach to service growth, whether your business is a start-up service organization to a global, enterprise level organization. The service Growth Portfolio is an umbrella consulting methodology for field service. To build or grow a service organization comes down to three main focus areas:

Digital Transformation

Technology Strategy

Defining vision and customer experience-based outcomes and documenting key system requirements including field service management, knowledge base management, IoT, augmented reality and data capture and analytics. Technology is considered an enabler to your business strategy and existing


Leverage the capabilities of technology to transform the customer experience and optimize productivity. The future is now with predictive failure, use of augmented reality and IoT to deliver more customer value.

Operating Model Design

Plan on new roles and technology to modernize your service delivery, data capture and cross-functional benefits of data analytics.


Workforce development is based on adding capabilities and establishing a culture of performance and growth. I work with your organization to provide market leading training programs for your field service technicians and engineers, field service supervisors and managers and service executives.

Based on my book, The Intentional Field Service Engineer, the programs are oriented to leverage the technician role as a customer trusted advisor and the managers as effective coaches. I provide training in multi-formats; in-person, interactive on-line and micro-training sessions. The Field Service7 program ensures that your investment in training is valued with sustained performance and not just a training program.

Operational Improvements

Leveraging my 40 years of service operations experience, I provide specific consulting services in these areas:
  • Improve service technician on-boarding, job engagement, and retention
  • Improve industrial safety engagement and performance
  • Leading organizational change for market and digital transformation impacts
  • Improve the quality of services and CSAT and NPS scores
  • Enhance the customer relationship and brands through the “GRIP”
  • method
  • Plan on scalability for growing service organizations
  • Provide technical report writing skills for technicians and managers

Private Equity Advisory

Addressing profitability, growth and digital transformation, I provide both strategic planning and tactical plan implementations. I work with operating partners and company leaders to achieve mutual goals.

Service Product Development and Marketing

Innovation leads the way to customer value and growth. I lead teams to establish modern outcome-based service programs to maximize value and growth.
  • Provide pricing and service agreement acquisition and retention plans
  • Define service product sales training and incentive plans to prompt service sales
  • Change Insights on Digital Transformation to Service Business
  • Insights and feature Blogs