The Intentional Field Service Engineer

Field service engineering is a job that can lead to unbelievable opportunities for career growth and expansion. Those with skills in field service engineering will find those attributes applicable across a wide variety of industries and job descriptions.

The Intentional Field Service Engineer  will help you find your start in the industry and develop the necessary skills for career advancement.

This book helps job seekers by outlining the job requirements for an entry-level position in field service engineering. I use Field Service7(SM), my field service engineering development program, to outline the seven critical skills needed to perform and advance as a field service engineer (FSE). In addition to these practical skills, I included profiles of real-life FSEs, explaining how these skills have helped them advance either in the field service industry or in another profession. Action items serve as a summary at the end of the chapter and help readers apply what they have learned in the real world.

If you’re looking to make a career switch or are already an FSE interested in advancement, let the Intentional Field Service Engineer help you get started!